About the hub

What we're all about

The global financial landscape is evolving. Whereas the past was about defending verticals, the future is all about communication and collaboration.

Fintech startups need access to financial institutions like banks for infrastructure, services and data. They also need capital from investors and access to an ecosystem of providers of professional services, such as law firms, accountants and software developers.

But it’s not all one-way traffic: Professional services providers want to build relationships and keep a finger on the pulse of innovation, while financial institutions need new ideas to better serve their customer base.

Our role is to connect all players in the Nordic fintech ecosystem to help them work out their own paths forward – and avoid becoming obsolete. We believe that healthy ecosystems need bridges, not walls.


Fintech startups

Moving fast and are the core for the innovation in the ecosystem.


Setting and monitoring the framework for the financial system.

Banks/Insurance companies

Well established institutions with big customer base and knowledge as fuel for the ecosystem.


Fueling the growth (and opening doors).

Financial services

Providing expert view and market knowledge.



Collaborating closely and sharing knowledge with Stockholm School of Economics we can deliver top content and trend analysis for the community.

Education programmes

Through education programs we can lift the level of competence of Fintech startups in terms of raising awareness, sharing best practices, exploring growth opportunities and leveraging customer centricity.

International delegations

Keeping updated with the broader community, we’re inviting delegations from all over the world that get to meet to our members.

Pitch coaches

Helping startups and sales teams to redefine their investor and sales pitch to drive growth.


A pool of mentors and coaches to tap into for knowledge and advice.



Our events are great for expanding your knowledge on trending topics and meet other people in the ecosystem.

Digital community

Our open Slack chat is open and free to join for anyone in the fintech community - Startups, banks, investors, institutions and enthusiasts.


We believe that great connections happens face-to-face. Having dedicated fintech coworking spaces we’re enabling all parties to meet.

Fintech Database

Get the latest stats and info from nordic fintech companies.


Stay up-to-date with our members, upcoming events and fintech related news.

Job board

We are running a fintech job board to gather talent across all professions within fintech.


Fintech hub locations

Each market has its own culture, players and regulations - so we have a physical office in all of our markets to stay close with the local community.

Global fintech hubs federation

We’re a member of a federation of other fintech communities - we believe in collaboration!


Fostering a more collaborative environment through strategic partnerships with international networks - B-hive, The GFHF etc.


In-house consultancy

We offer design and development services in house, to get your project going.

Verified outsourced teams

We have gone through the process of verifying outrourced development teams, for your use.

Big Tech

Working together with cloud providers on various initiatives to fit fintech startups' needs.

Members as services

With our smart fintech companies as members, the community can feed itself with new services and find new opportunities together.

Legal consultation

Our partner Synch Law keep our members on top of legal aspects with seminars, free assets and consultation.