Membership to Fintech Hub is free for fintech companies with a foot print in the Nordics

Our business is to help you grow and thrive

Fintech Hub was founded with a view to supporting fintech companies through every stage of evolution. Our hub is positioned to be the gravity for fintech in the Nordics, where Banks, Startups, Regulators and Investors can come together to create a melting pot of ideas, innovation, support and ultimately new opportunities. We have assembled a set of tools, relationships, and education specifically for you as a fintech company.

We support you in all your stages of growth

From idea through to international expansion - We have curated resources available for every stage of company development, all under one roof.

The stages of a startup company

Becoming a Fintech Hub member

Benefits of the digital membership

If you are a fintech company operating in the Nordics, then you are eligible to become a member of Fintech Hub. Membership is free to all eligible startups. Simply fill out our application to take advantage of all membership benefits:

  • It's free!
  • Access to members/partners only networking events and workshops.
  • Support from mentors through all stages of company evolution.
  • Investor introductions and matching based on investor criteria.
  • Access to local and European regulatory initiatives.
  • Consideration for accelerator program.
  • Preferential prices/packages from legal, accounting & ITO partners.
  • Reciprocal rights to other fintech hubs around the world via the Global Fintech Hubs Federation.

Resident membership

When you've become a free digital member, you are welcome to join us in our physical space together with other members.

We think there is value in rubbing shoulders with other like-minded people everyday. Whether being a resident member working at our coworking desks or renting a whole room - you’re always close to the community.

Digital and physical community

Become a part of our community

We’re a wholly independent organization and act as a centre of gravity for the fintech ecosystem. Whether you are a startup, bank, insurance company or investor, we have the connections you need.


If you are an established enterprise, financial institution or service provider we gladly talk how you can contribute and get back as much as possible from the ecosystem.


We intelligently source and match early stage Nordic fintech companies to your investment criteria.


If you are a fintech enthusiast, or in the process of starting up yourself we've got resources for you.