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Stockholm, the second largest fintech hub in Europe

The fintech community in Sweden needs you. Fintech Hub is a wholly independent organisation and our partnerships ensure we continue to develop the Nordic fintech ecosystem. Stockholm has produced the most highly valued technology startups per capita, second only to Silicon Valley as a region. For fintech companies, Stockholm attracts about one fifth of all investment in Europe. For investors, our hub offers you a nerve centre with the best access to fintech startups in the country. In return, we engage with you to achieve your goals – we have opportunities for branding, workshops, networking, partner innovation, and acting as a conduit for regulatory initiatives.

Your Stockholm office

Fintech Hub's knowledge platform enables professional investors to intelligently source and match early stage Nordic fintech companies to their investment criteria without having to open a local office.

Adding the human element to traditional startup web databases, Fintech Hub provides extensive data around each target company including product reviews & ratings, business plan, development strategy as well as management and employee profiles.

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