Unifying the
fintech ecosystem

Fintech Hub is facilitating value exchange in the financial community through digital and physical spaces.

Bringing in all players, to work together

What if fintech startups, regulators and banks could sit and work together every day?

Fintech Hub is independent physical spaces for communication, collaboration and cooperation – tailored to the specific needs of the fintech community.


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Ecosystem partners

Vinnova Synch Invest Stockholm Nordic Tech List Global Fintech Hubs Federation Stockholm School of Economics The Factory Helsinki Fintech Farm B-hive United Spaces Signicat

Media partners

Finextra TechSavvy Media IP Expo Nordic #SweDemoDay

What we're all about


If you are in fintech and in the Nordics, you are eligible for membership. See how we can help your business and how you can engage with the community.


If you are an established enterprise, financial institution or service provider we gladly talk how you can contribute and get back as much as possible from the ecosystem. Or if you are an investor, we have services for you too.