Best Ways How To Store Pharmaceuticals

Our reputation for being the best specialty healthcare logistics company worldwide extends far beyond timely and safe transport. Your investments are protected at all stages of the product’s lifecycle. Our 22 GxP-compliant pharmacies allow you to expand your reach worldwide for pharmaceutical storage and distribution of clinical trial materials as well as commercial products.

Distribution and storage of pharmaceuticals

Transport is not the only thing you should trust

Our drug storage depots increase operational efficiency and allow you to access the most challenging regulatory environments. Our fully GxP-compliant facilities have been designed to safeguard your investment. They are built with proven methods for product safety that include redundant security measures and extensive SOPs.

Secure Supply Chain for Raw Materials APIs, Intermediates, and Excipients

Customized commercial storage solutions

World Courier offers to source and manufacturing logistics solutions that will ensure your business continuity. For a timely market launch, it is crucial to partner with the right logistics provider due to increasingly stringent temperature control requirements.

Optimize your supply chain

No other specialist logistics company can match our network of offices worldwide and in-market knowledge that will ensure your product is handled, transported, and delivered in the best possible way. Our premium services exceed all expectations. They include redundant checking each shipment, redundant security measures in the preparation and shipping process, and same-day delivery to all intra-country addresses.

Our infrastructure is unmatched and was built to serve a purpose.

  • There are separate storage areas for each protocol, release, quarantined, returned, and recalled drug.
  • Storage on open pallets (selected locations)
  • Valid storage: Controlled ambient (+15degC-to +25degC), Refrigerated (+2degC-to +8degC), Freezed (-20degC on demand), Deepfrozen (-70degC on demand), Liquid nitrogen (+196degC on demand), Frozen (20degC on demand), and Frozen (-20degC on demand).

Inventory visibility in real-time

CTM-STAR is our proprietary inventory management system and stock control system. It ensures that every material arriving at or leaving any of our 14 global locations can be traced. You can access your inventory via remote access 24/7/365 from anywhere in the world. This will give you real-time information about stocks per protocol, stock per depot, and distribution shipments to locations. CTM-STAR conforms to CFR 21 Part 11 due to our strict adherence of quality management standards.

Explore our virtual depot

It is essential that your treatments are stored in a secure storage facility. But what are the benefits of partnering with a top-of-the-line provider? To see how your product is protected, take a virtual tour through our depot. To learn more, click below.

Services with value-added features

Supporting your clinical trial

Our global network is unrivaled and we have one point of contact to assist with onboarding new studies or setting up work instructions. The full chain of custody includes bulk shipping, storage, and depot to-site distribution. Bundled solutions include packaging. Our operations are flexible, with labeling and just-in-time customization. We also offer comparator and ancillary sources in selected countries. Additional support services are available at our depots for clinical trials.

We have guidelines that govern the handling, storage, distribution, and destruction of Biosafety Level 1 and 2 organisms. Our Archiving service allows trial administrators to have long-term access and secure records for thousands of trials. To meet local regulations, we offer a range of labeling services. Our destruction services comply with all local regulations and provide documentation that can be archived, detailing what was destroyed.

Logistics solutions for commercial products with special needs

Our depot network in advanced cities can assist you in your journey to market your specialty product in emerging countries. It creates a seamless platform that connects clinical and commercial markets around the world.

We will help you understand your commercialization goals and maximize your return.

We can handle any challenge in MHRA approved warehousing UK, from serialization to high temperature storage conditions and liquid nitrogen solutions. We manage onboarding locations and vendor management costs for every project. This is possible because we use a standard model. Our truly global standard processes ensure that you receive the same high-quality solution no matter where you are located.

Our supply chain expertise will help you create a distribution system that is efficient and flexible, which ensures that your product meets all local regulations. Access a range of integrated services from AmerisourceBergen that include commercialization solutions in the USA and Canada.

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