Demo Announced for Validating Green Investments with Blockchain

Stockholm Green Digital Finance launched a Climate-KIC Demo at the 360 Nordic Blockchain event on November 8 to monitor and verify green impact of investments. 

Stockholm Green Digital Finance produced the Climate-KIC Demo in collaboration with Stockholm Fintech Hub and with support from capital market actors Mistra, Öhman, SEB and Vasakronan.

Cecilia Repinski, Executive Director, Stockholm Green Digital Finance, presented the Demo at 360 Nordic Blockchain and was joined for a discussion about green digital finance by Åke Iverfeldt, CEO of research foundation Mistra (in their capacity as asset owner) and Erika Wranegård at asset management firm Öhman. The discussion was moderated by Erik Wahlin, Chief Editor of Affärsvärlden. 

Stimulating the global market for trustworthy green investments

The aim is to help stimulate the global market for trustworthy green investments. “The application of blockchain technology offers companies and investors a cost-effective way of validating sustainability claims regarding fair trade, green foreign direct investment, property rights, or the use of green bond proceeds – especially in less transparent markets,” says Cecilia. “Many investors are interested in moving their capital into sustainable projects and companies, but need to identify reliable products that deliver real impact.”

The Demo is the key output of a scoping project initiated by Stockholm Green Digital Finance together with Öhman and fintech startup Hiveonline. The Demo was realised thanks to an award and start-up grant that Stockholm Green Digital Finance received from the EU's main climate innovation initiative and largest public-private climate change partnership in Europe, Climate-KIC. 

Going forward, Stockholm Green Digital Finance is now planning for the full technology build during 2018.

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