Nordea Partners with Stockholm Fintech Hub

The Nordic region’s largest bank will move personnel into the hub to collaborate on-site with fintech startups from across Sweden

Stockholm Fintech Hub is pleased to announce that Nordea Bank AB has signed up as a partner. The agreement will see digital finance specialists from Nordea relocating to the hub, thus positioning Nordea with up to 200 fintech start-ups, banks and other players at the epicentre of innovation in financial services. Matthew Agent, CEO of Stockholm Fintech Hub, says, "Our partnership with Nordea cements another block in the foundation of the hub's ecosystem. We are thrilled that the hub will be at the centre of collaboration between startups and banks."

"It is critical for us to be where innovation is happening," says Ewan Macleod, Group Digital Officer at Nordea. "As a big bank, we are constantly forced to hit the ground running so we can develop the right technologies and the right services for our customer quickly. What we're realising is that we don't have to do this alone; there is an emerging financial services ecosystem we can tap into."

The partnership will enable Nordea everyday access to collaborate, co-create and converse with Fintech startups, large companies working in the Fintech space, other banks, new players like IBM, Microsoft, and non-Fintech startups. Being open to collaboration represents a crucial stage in the digital transformation strategy outlined recently by Casper von Koskull, CEO at Nordea.

"The potential services that will be generated for customers is unknown, but that's what makes this so exciting," adds Macleod. "As a part of the new financial ecosystem, Nordea is part of a new dynamic that will breathe fresh life into the fixed ideas we and society have of banks and banking in general."

"One of the reasons we are here at the Stockholm Fintech Hub is that it underpins Nordea's code of conduct and approach to ethical, sustainable financial services. We are open, because we want to walk the talk and have the right conversations with all kinds of organisations, not just the classical fintech. This includes regulators, NGOs, and the wider ecosystem. I think it's really important that we are here to ‘listen' to contribute to see what we can all do to benefit a greater good." says Macleod.

About Stockholm Fintech Hub

Stockholm Fintech Hub is a dedicated physical space for communication, collaboration, and cooperation that is tailored to the specific needs of fintech companies. The entire community including startups, established players, regulators, educators, tech providers, investors and professional services companies are all core to our community. The hub is the centre of gravity for collaboration within the fintech sector in Sweden and globally, with links to hubs around the world.

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