Report launch: The next wave of fintech

Stockholm School of Economics and PA Consulting launches a sequel to the 2015 Stockholm Fintech Report. The report "The Next wave of Fintech" is focusing on the new InsurTech and RegTech segments.

The report looks closer at the partnership between technology companies in the Regtech and Insurtech segments has led to new and more customizable financial services in Sweden.

For the Insurtech segment, the report covers the good climate between insurance companies and startups with great optimism.

“InsurTech focuses primarily on improving the interface with customers, but also affects other parts of the value chain. The rapid development in connected devices (the Internet of Things) allows insurers to tailor insurance premiums based on customer behavior, creating cost-effective and profitable products and services,” says Magnus Krusberg, PA Consulting and co-author of the report.

The Regtech segment is still quite immature in comparison with Insuretech. The recent EU regulations that is affecting the financial markets have been an opening for Regtech in financial institutions.

“Accordingly, we are seeing rapid development in several areas where RegTech can play an important role in streamlining regulatory compliance work,” says Magnus Krusberg.

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