Startup Spotlight: Delightle

Startup Spotlight is a series of Q&A articles about Stockholm Fintech Hub members. This week's startup is Delightle, an early-stage startup looking for seed funding to develop and launch a marketing, loyalty and mobile payments solution.

Q: Tell us about your company – why you started it and how it is going

A: “We empower retail businesses and brands to build the everlasting personalised customer relationships that power effortless marketing, loyalty, mobile payments, self-checkout, growth, and overall success. With mission and vision of creating global successful technology company inspired us to start working on this project. We genuinely want to help businesses to harness and use technology to increase profitability.” 

Q: What stage are you at with the company’s development and funding?

A: “The first version of our product and service is being built and released in public beta. We are a very early stage startup and looking to raise seed funding.”

Q: Any advice for someone thinking of creating a fintech startup?

A: “It is advisable to work with a network that is ready to help and committed to success.”

Q: What are the best and worse things about running a startup?

A: “The best thing is that you get the freedom to create something out of nothing. You derive real satisfaction out of your creation. On the other hand, it is very hard to build and run a startup and you need to look at and work on everything which could be possibly come your way.”

Q: Any predictions for the future of fintech (or your area of expertise)?

A: “Everything is becoming mobile driven in fintech and in the merchant payment ecosystem. Those will win who will those that create friction-less services for shoppers and businesses.”


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