Startup Spotlight: Opti

Startup Spotlight is a series of Q&A articles about Stockholm Fintech Hub members. This week's startup is Opti, which has launched an app that helps you keep track of funds.

Q: Tell us about your company – why you started it and how it is going

A: “Opti was started due to the founders' bad experience with financial advisory services in Sweden. We wanted an alternative that was transparent, well-priced and digital. Opti was born. Since inception we've managed to be the first company in Sweden to both apply for and receive a permit from Finansinspektionen to provide digital advisory services, our app has reached tens of thousands of users and helped improve billions of SEK in savings.” 

Q: What stage are you at with the company’s development and funding?

A: “We have launched our product and are starting to see first revenue. The company is in a good financial position.”

Q: Any advice for someone thinking of creating a fintech startup?

A: “Dive head-on into regulations, with open but fresh eyes. Don't try to cut corners where it may in any negative way impact the customer. Believe it or not: Most regulations are there for a reason.”

Q: What are the best and worse things about running a startup?

A: “The highs and the lows.” 

Q: Any predictions for the future of fintech (or your area of expertise)?

A: “The current hype will die down a bit, but that's when the real value will start to be created.”

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