Stockholm Fintech Hub at Money20/20 Europe

Representatives from the Stockholm Fintech Hub were at this year’s Money20/20 Europe to discuss ways to expand the reach of the hub, present the Green Digital Finance Centre, and hiveonline. In this blog post, we hear from Lan-Ling Wolff Fredell, Head of Operations, Stockholm Fintech Hub, Cecilia Repinski, Director, Green Digital Finance Centre, and Sofie Blakstad, CEO & Founder, hiveonline about their experiences at Europe’s hottest fintech event.

Lan-Ling Fredell, Head of Operations, Stockholm Fintech Hub

“My purpose in being in Copenhagen was to strengthen our ties with international fintech hubs.  I was happy to meet representatives from Brussels, Hong Kong, Ireland, Poland, and Singapore and the UK. Some were familiar faces and others who I met for the first time. I had a great working meeting with Copenhagen Fintech Labs, Fintech Mundi (Oslo) and Helsinki Fintech, where we discussed concrete ways that we could work together to ensure Nordic collaboration and presence in the fintech space. We plan to meet again in August to nail down all the details.

I also had a good chat with B-Hive, the Brussels fintech hub, who we are working with along with hubs in Frankfurt and Paris. We have already been working together on an informal basis. Among other things we sent one of our members, SEQR, to pitch at B-Hive  in their recent digital payments day in June. I got to speak to a few international fintechs who were visiting the Copenhagen Fintech Lab, including CressCap who showed me their impressive investment research platform which uses AI to update stock recommendations daily.

Finally, I enjoyed the hospitality of our Partner Nordea, the Copenhagen Fintech Lab and the Swedish and Norwegian Embassies, and got to greet old and new friends.”


Cecilia Repinski, Executive Director, Stockholm Green Digital Finance

“Among the events I participated in this week was the Sustainability Innovation in Financial Services (SIF💚S) seminar. Arranged by Sofie Blakstad from hiveonline at Copenhagen FinTech Lab, the event featured a panel discussion with myself, Sofie, Deanna MacDonald, CEO Un-Bloc and Jesper Kring, Co-founder & Partner, KRING Innovation. We talked about how fintech innovations and ecosystem thinking can help overcome barriers to scale green finance and support the transition to fair and green economies.

There was a fintech mingle at the Norwegian ambassador’s residence yesterday in which the Swedish Norwegian and Finnish ambassadors called upon and invited Nordic collaboration in this space. Stockholm Green Digital Finance has already picked up on this call and are exploring how the Nordics can join forces to test our green solutions and bring to other markets.”

Cecilia also launched Stockholm Green Digital Finance’s first Insight Brief, Unlocking the Potential of Green Fintech, which you can download here (pdf).


Sofie Blakstad, CEO & Founder, hiveonline

“Money20/20 also attracts plenty of opportunities for trade and socialising in informal settings, and two highlights were the Copenhagen Fintech Lab's barbecue, which hosted several well-known fintech names from around the globe, and the Norwegian/Swedish/Finnish Ambassadors' reception. The latter was an elegant affair with senior representatives of the major banks, regulators and established technology partners alongside the many fintechs, who made short work of the excellent buffet.

The inaugural Sustainability Innovation in Financial Services (SIF💚S) went brilliantly. We had a good spread of perspectives from the speakers, who were all experts in their fields, and not only had the opportunity to share some important insights with the audience and each other, but come up with practical solutions for driving transparency in green investments and sustainable behaviours through fintech. The audience engaged actively and following the event, several partnerships were forged which will form the basis of a great opportunity for taking out the friction in green investments globally going forward.”


All in all, Money20/20 Europe proved to be a fantastic meeting place for fintech and banking ecosystem players with hubs, banks, regulators and fintechs from across the globe. Meetings both formal and informal will result in new alliances, initiatives and movements.

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