We’re now Fintech Hub

2017 was an exciting and very busy year.

In late 2016, the fintech scene in Sweden was flourishing, yet no physical ecosystem had emerged to focus efforts specifically on the needs of financial technology companies. We could see various sectors being verticalised, like MedTech, VR and IoT, where support systems were being established to drive the growth of these sectors. There was a definite need from the industry to have a central point of gravity for fintech, and so we set out to create one in Stockholm. The response was far more than we anticipated!

Starting up

Our beginning, like any other, was exploratory. We have seen first hand some of the challenges the financial industry faces and where the pain points can be for those that are looking to create the future of financial services. The Fintech Hub believes that the future is in collaboration. At the core of this, it is crucial to create a well-rounded and supportive ecosystem where fintech can truly flourish.

The community has seen the importance of value exchange, from financial incumbents through to early-stage start-ups. Seeing the opportunities that have emerged for all participants in this shared mindset; where knowledge, investment, and co-creation are helped rather than hindered has seen fintech brought to new levels of possibility in Sweden.


With the support of our partners, we have been able to expand our operations beyond Stockholm. This year we have set out to unify not just the Nordic but also the Baltic fintech ecosystems and beyond! Our aim is to build bridges between these respective communities, organising events, working with local financial institutions, education partners, financial regulators, VC’s, mentors, tech partners and services providers, ultimately to deliver the much-needed support to each and every organisation in the community.

We have expanded our operations to Gothenburg, Malmö, Oslo, Helsinki and we are looking forward to expanding to Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania in the first half of 2018.

Today we are changing name and brand to "Fintech Hub" (previously Stockholm Fintech Hub), in conjunction with our expanding geographical coverage. We are also launching our new website to reflect this, and for you to keep up with what we are doing in 2018 including news, events, our newly launched job board and our members and partners page.



A quick summary of the year:

2016 - The idea is born
Feb 2017 - Press launch
Mar 2017 - Opening of our Stockholm office
May 2017 - Visa, Nordea & Handelsbanken join as partners & first member after work event. Finansinspektionen comes in to talk to our members.
Jun 2017 - Multiple seminars with our partners
Jul 2017 - Where’d everyone go!? 🌴☀️
Aug 2017 - Launch of Stockholm Green Digital Finance
Sep 2017 - Member milestone, 100 members!
Oct 2017 - Helsinki launch
Nov 2017 - Oslo launch
Dec 2017 - Fintech Hub opens in Malmö and Gothenburg
Jan 2018 - Rebrand


The future of our spaces

Fintech Hub does not intend to operate physical spaces since we think its best left for partners who specialise in these areas. As of January 2018, we launched our new partnership with United Spaces. They have been running their Stockholm co-working space for more than ten years and recently expanded to Gothenburg and Malmö. We are confident that this will be an excellent place for our community to gather, to engage with us and to participate in some of the exciting events we have lined up for the coming year.


Reflections from the team:

Alex, COO

2017 was an incredible year for fintech, from consumers to established enterprise, we have seen a huge shift in attitude and willingness to engage with financial technology. We have seen banks, fintech startups and regulators actively working together with their own unique sets of opinions and resources, yet all with the common goal of embracing innovation and actively putting it in the hands of the consumer.

The coming year I don't doubt will see new ideas, additional resources and a wider scope for growth for those that want to pull up a chair at the table.

Anna, Community Manager

Last year we worked hard to gather the fintech community in Sweden and are planning to continue growing and attracting more members. In 2018 Fintech Hub intends to connect the dots internationally and help fintechs to grow despite the borders.

Lana, Head of Community

At Fintech Hub we support companies and people from those who are at a very early prototype stage, all the way through companies at an international growth level. This year we will continue to expand our value offering by continuously improving our supporting platform, where our community can tap into the resources that help them accelerate and build long-lasting businesses.

Adam, Head of Design

Always having our ears listening to the community, we’ve had our aha’s, pivoted and learnt to be agile. It takes energy to listen and to give something back. But that's how we've gotten here in a year - and it's been entirely worth it! Together with our new website, we have also launched our own job board; Fintech Hub Careers. It’s one more initiative in line with what our community has asked for - and we have a lot more coming this year!

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