Party Shot Options That You Can Try

There are many fun party shots that you can choose from to make for your party. However, not all party shots are great. Sometimes, they are so awful that you just want them to stop. These delicious little shots are a different story.

Sure, these tasty shot recipes are packed with liquor and you may get drunk, but they also taste great on the way down. In fact, they may be a little too good, so try to control yourself tonight or you’ll pay for it tomorrow.

You’re familiar with the cookie. The Girl Scouts’ delicious Thin Mints every year. The liquid version is for adults only. Have you tried it?

There are a few ways to make the Girl Scout cookie shooter and they all involve mint and cream with either chocolate or coffee liqueurs. You can also add vodka and make it “dirty” or layer it for a fun effect.

The butterball is such a popular shooter that there are at least four recipes for you to try. It’s absolutely delicious and can even help you beef up your bartending skills.

The famous butterscotch schnapps-and-Irish cream mixture is the main ingredient in this mix. It can be mixed, shaken, or layered. We recommend the golden nibble, which adds cinnamon schnapps to the original recipe.

We have another delicious recipe for party people who love cookies. The oatmeal cookie shooter cocktails may be sweet but it does pack quite the punch.

This recipe will build on the butterscotch-cream pairing but add some Jagermeister and cinnamon syrups. This makes a very creamy, boozy shooter that has a touch of spice and sweetness.

This carrot cake shooter can be made with four different liqueurs. This is one of the best shots you can make. It will amaze and delight you. It is not necessary to use carrots, but it tastes even better when topped with frosting and walnuts.

You will have to trust us that the original chocolate cake shooter recipe does taste like the real thing. It’s unusual for the flavor, but it works.

The shorter is composed of vanilla or citrus vodka and hazelnut liquor. After you are ready, take the shot and then enjoy a sugar-coated lemon. It’s a science experiment in a glass and one of those magical mixes we love to play within the bar.

How do you liquefy bite-sized M&M candy candies? Two very common ingredients you should already have in your bar. They are not chocolate, again.

The classic (as in the 1980s classic) way to make an M&M shooter is with amaretto and coffee liqueurs. This is delicious. If you want chocolate, there are recipes with Frangelico and creme de cacao. You can choose your favorite.

The last of our really popular shooters that are now considered “vintage” is the Tootsie Roll. It tastes a lot like candy, and it’s delicious.

There are many recipes that you can choose from. But the secret to Tootsie Roll’s distinctive taste is orange. A common combination is an orange juice and chocolate liqueurs.

The cinnamon toast is a far cry from sweet, sugary party shots. However, it is delicious and can easily be your new favorite.

The cinnamon toasty is just amaretto, cinnamon schnapps. Although it may not sound spectacular, this is one taste you’ll be returning to again and again.

We really cannot share the most delicious shots without at least one recipe that calls for whipped cream vodka. These flavors revolutionized the way we think about dessert liquors.

For the berry whipped recipe, you’ll pair that tempting, creamy-flavored vodka with strawberry vodka. You can enjoy a pink, delicious shot with grenadine.

The other shooters are somewhat less skilled than this recipe. Finally, we can add a little whiskey to the mix. If you didn’t know by the shot’s title, we are talking about whiskey of the Irish variety.

The shamrocked shot is both easy and unique. Midori, the famous melon liquor with the brilliant green color, dominates it. It is accented by Irish whiskey and Irish cream. It’s very tasty and is perfect for St. Patrick’s Day.

Jell-O shots are nice, but they cannot even begin to compare to the deliciousness of pudding shots. We are grateful to the person who came up with this idea for spiking fun treats.

The best thing about pudding shots is that there are so many things you can do with them. You can choose your pudding flavor and mix and match liquors. You can also top them with whipped cream or other goodies. You can even serve them inside edible cookie shot cups if you like.

It doesn’t have to be anyone’s birthday to enjoy a round of birthday cake shots. This recipe makes a delicious shooter, which you can enjoy with lots of fun decorating.

This drink is made with cake vodka, but any sweet vodka will work. It’s mixed with chocolate and cream liqueurs, and the frosting rim gives it that irresistible birthday cake taste. You can make your sprinkles as festive and colorful as you wish.

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