Positive and Negative Effects of Cannabis Sativa

Marijuana is a soft narcotic officially named Cannabis Sativa. It is quite popular among consumers because it typically improves the mood so people feel better and more relaxed after using it.

Many believe marijuana is actually harmless, however, they are not aware of the side-effects it can cause especially on a long-term basis. The short time brain reactions might include anxiety, temporary memory loss, different fears, and even paranoia.

The long term effects, however, can have more serious impacts on the consumer’s health, so they might have a lack of interest in many things, inability to function and work normally, poor hygiene, IQ decline, antisocial behavior, and many others.

These problems are the most obvious in the case of young consumers because they are the most vulnerable group. Young people are also those who most frequently consume marijuana, so that part of the population is also at the greatest risk when it comes to the misuse of this narcotic.

Marijuana is Helpful in Treating Various Health Issues

On the other hand, marijuana is also regarded as a cure in different parts of the world. Scientific explorations and researches have shown marijuana can actually help patients with various health problems. This plant can relieve the pain, reducing the symptoms of stress, improve the health of patients with Parkinson’s disease, and even slow the growth of cancer cells.

So it is sometimes used as a part of the therapy against the most serious and potentially deadly illnesses. That also means there are quite opposite views regarding this matter. Some consider marijuana as a narcotic which it is, while others use it as an important medicament because it can really help in those cases. That’s probably the reason for different laws while checking various countries.

Contradictory Laws and Regulations in Different Jurisdictions

There are territories that strictly forbid marijuana so any contact with this plant is considered an illegal and criminal offense. It usually includes consumption, possession, production, and distribution. The penalties can be truly high, so in the most extreme cases, one might end up in jail for a year or even get capital punishment in the most extreme cases. It is of vital value to avoid any contact with marijuana in those territories.

But there are also countries with liberal and totally opposite laws. The Netherlands is one of those, for example. They do not forbid the use and possession of marijuana, so it is even possible to smoke in some public bars where such the activity is allowed. The US federals laws, however, consider marijuana as an illegal substance, but some state laws provide totally different regulations on their sovereign territories.

In California, for example, it is possible to freely buy and consume marijuana at appropriate places if you are of legal age. Only minors are not allowed to get involved in such activities. All others have no obstacles regarding this matter. It is true for both residents and travelers who temporarily reside in that territory. They just have to have a valid ID card or passport, and they can buy this plant in a marijuana dispensary in California. These are commonplaces of the gathering for people who smoke cannabis regularly.

Not Allowed Consumption in Public Places in California

That’s because it is not allowed to consume the plant in any other public place including parks, streets, sidewalks, and so on. The dispensaries can also provide different types of assistance, so the consumers often go there for some suggestions. It is also possible to purchase California hemp produced by domestic manufacturers https://dispensehemp.com/.

Big farms and plantations exist in that state and the companies involved in the business typically make a serious amount of money from the production and the distribution. The total worth is going up to billions of US dollars while the largest companies in that sector have a value of hundreds of millions of US dollars.

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